Soul Kitchen – Words from a Volunteer

Every Sunday, our team of loving volunteers come together to prepare dinner for 80 people. With donations from local grocers and bakeries, the meals are made fresh, healthy and full of love. Soul Kitchen is a community dinner at Braybrook Community Hub, but as you’ll read the following e-mail from one of our Volunteers – Scott, it’s much more than just a weekly meal.
We had 48 guests on Sunday night and eight new volunteers, including two ladies from Doncaster, students from Werribee Secondary College (doing a school project on homelessness) with their parents in attendance and our Melbourne Uni research group from Clayton. When a charity can source volunteers from an area of 625 square kilometers you know it is special.
The Melbourne Uni students timed their return well; Michael, Aaron & I all had birthdays during the week – there were three birthday cakes on offer; a three layer cream sponge, a black forest cake and a torta di arancia. By 7pm the dining hall was abuzz with lively conversations and our guests and volunteers were having a great time.
The home made Ricotta & Spinach Gnocchi was the talk of the dinner table, as was the fact that the families really appreciate the opportunity to eat so much nutritious food when they come to Soul Kitchen.
On Sunday morning, Ps Rob Ketterling from River Valley Church in Minnesota was in Melbourne, speaking about the power and influence we can have by serving people outside the walls of the church. Taking the love of Jesus to the people has a profound effect on the local community. I am really grateful for all of our wonderful volunteers; through their actions they are bearing witness to a community transformed.
God bless.

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