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  • Homelessness Can Affect Anyone

    No two nights of Outreach are the same and tonight was no different. During an evening of meeting a mix of regular and new faces, our Outreach team saw a lady sitting on the corner of a busy city street. The deceptively warm afternoon sun had set and had now

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  • Help Us Spread Warmth

    As we brace ourselves for another freezing winter, please consider 300 Blankets for your EOFY donations. As a volunteer based charity, 100% of funds goes to our core mission in providing warmth for people experiencing homelessness. Your donation is also tax deductible and can be easily made at This

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  • Blankets in 2017

    300 Blankets was born out of the constant need for blankets amongst people experiencing homelessness in Australia. After volunteering their time to assist a local soup van distribute food to those in need, the founders of 300 Blankets came to understand that, after food and water, blankets were the most

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