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  • 3 Wishes

    Last week, we caught up with our friend Mary. Mary is an older lady who has been sleeping rough for quite a few years. When we started talking, she excitedly opened up a new packet of Tim Tams and offered it to us. “These are special! They grant you 3

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  • Homeless Outreach Program – 774 ABC Melbourne – Radio Feature

    We were featured on 774 ABC Melbourne on 22 May 2018, discussing the homelessness environment in Melbourne and our Outreach Program. The radio program features Lindy Burns and our Outreach Program Manager – Peter Royce. (Jump to 36min to hear the discussion.)

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  • Youth Homelessness Matters Day – combating youth homelessness

    Every night around 105,000 people are homeless and many are sleeping rough around Australia. Almost half (42 per cent) are under 25 years old, including almost 18,000 children under the age of 12. The Department of Human Services is often the first point of contact for many people facing homelessness

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