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  • Say Hi

    Language and communication is an important aspect of the 300 Blankets Outreach Program and is something that we put a lot of focus into. Our Outreach Program was born not only out of the need for items like food and blankets, but also out of the fundamental human need for

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  • Benalla Residents Gives Generously

    On Thursday 7 September the Benalla St Vincent De Paul Outreach Group hosted a winter appeal event at Georgina’s Restaurant in Benalla. As part of their winter appeal, they selected 300 Blankets as a partner and beneficiary of the Benalla community’s charitable endeavours and generosity. 300 Blankets (represented by Peter

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  • Domestic Violence and Homelessness

    Domestic and family abuse is a big issue in Australia. This kind of abuse can include physical violence, sexual assault and other sexually abusive behaviour, economic abuse (creating financial dependence to control another person), as well as emotional and psychological abuse. While both men and women can experience domestic and

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